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4000 square meters of plants

Tamburini Srl has expanded its processing plants up to 4000 square meters.

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Our Mission & Vision

Tamburini Srl, a leader in flexographic printing for over 50 years,

presents its line of advanced solutions to meet every customer’s need. Thanks to a constant commitment to research and the use of the latest technologies, Tamburini Srl solutions offer the maximum in quality and efficiency for packaging printing. We are at the forefront of the flexographic printing industry while respecting tradition! For us, the customer is the foundation on which the company is built, and their needs come before anything else; before machinery, technology, qualified personnel, and constant innovation, at Tamburini Srl, we prioritize the quality of service, guaranteeing agreements made, and respect for the companies that work with us.

Our company policy is to provide a 360-degree global service that includes consulting, graphics, the production of FULL HD 4000dpi, Blue Edge, Vortex, and Project Blue printing plants, and sleeves of any size (even anti-static). To meet these processes, all internal to the company, Tamburini Srl has two production sites for a total of approximately 4000 square meters. The philosophy that distinguishes the company is based on continuous improvement of internal production processes and the ongoing search for technologies and processes that improve the products required by customers.


Environmental Sustainability

TTamburini Srl, always particularly attentive to environmental respect, channels all the solvent fumes used in production activities through an afterburner that carries out thermal oxidation processes of gaseous flows containing volatile organic pollutants. These processes, which occur through a 400-degree catalyst, are capable of transforming polluting components into completely harmless substances for the environment such as carbon dioxide or water vapor. In this way, Tamburini Srl reduces harmful substances well beyond what is required by local and international regulations.

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